Digital Tax and Business Letter (monthly)

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Item: #93-401

The same high-quality content from the printed Tax and Business Letter now comes as a digital monthly letter we distribute for you to your email contacts, website and social media pages.

This newsletter specifically targets business owners with a variety of content on business tax and management. It’s designed to help your business clients tackle day-to-day business management and tax issues-including employees and cash flow.

Reach your current business clients and prospect for new ones using our new automatic client-centric distribution system:

  • Timely articles focused on solving critical issues faced by small businesses
  • Build stronger client relationships and the power to generate referrals with year-round contact
  • Compelling, relevant graphics and images that capture your reader's attention
  • The digital version allows you to select or remove articles to better tailor to your client base
  • Auto email two/three articles per month to retain and grow your business client base
  • Auto posts to social media like Facebook and Linked In
  • Auto publishes to your website
  • Image for item #93-401: Digital Tax and Business Letter (monthly)

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